Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I want a PolisPay card?

A: The PolisPay Card lets you load fiat currency anywhere using the cryptocurrencies listed in PolisPay. Get instant withdrawals from Mastercard:registered: compatible ATMs and spend with any Mastercard:registered: merchant.

Q: How can I order a PolisPay card?

A: You can order the PolisPay card with the following instructions:

Q: What fees does the PolisPay card charges?

A: You can see all the fees here:

Q: Where can I use my PolisPay card?

A: The PolisPay Card is a Mastercard card. It works everywhere Mastercard is accepted. It works offline, online, and internationally. You can use the Card for everyday purchases at all your favorite merchants and at ATMs for cash withdrawals.

Q: Where can I request support for the PolisPay app and card?

A: Please open a ticket here, and the support team will help you right away: