Easily use and spend your NULS with the PolisPay app.

Exchange NULS, store it in a secure way using your Hardware Wallet, buy Gift Cards with NULS and top up your phone, or turn it into fiat currency using the e-pay Debit Card.


A fully pledged NULS wallet


NULS Wallet

Secure your NULS on Windows, Mac and Linux, or use your mobile devices.

PolisPay debit card

NULS Debit Card

Get your new NULS prepaid debit card and start converting your crypto to fiat instantly.

NULS Gift Cards

Buy gift cards for 600+ supported services in 130+ countries.

NULS grade security

We use the most secure standards, so your NULS never leave your device. 

Swap your NULS

You can exchange and buy NULS anywhere, anytime. Without the need to use an exchange.


Non Custodial NULS Wallet

We are a full non-custodial wallet. Meaning that your keys never leave your wallet.

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